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"Rainbow Light"

Rainbow Light is a sidewalk installation which combines lighting and sprinkle spray. With eco-friendly technologies adopted, the design aims to achieve the concept of green city. 


By using natural elements such as rainbows to bring emotional value into artificial cities, Rainbow tries to revive the primal affection of people in concrete jungle, and pursue the harmony between nature and artifacts.

Light Principle

Light refracts through mist, separation of different wavelengths of light will form a colorful rainbow. Therefore, we can often see the rainbow at the foggy place.


The solar-powered street lamp is equiped with a watertank. It gathers rain with the plate on top, and sprays mist on pedestrians in hot days for coolness. With the combination of lighting and mist, you may find rainbows around the lamp from time to time.

The upper plate is also integrated with solar panel which saves energy for the lighting and sprinkle mechanism.


Rainbow Light gathers energy from sunlight, collects water from raindrops, and sprinkle to cool down the street when the temperature become too high. Under coordination of the moist and the light, rainbows can be reproduced under the right refraction, and "light up" the pedestrians on their way home.

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