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"Bounce Bounce"

Bounce Bounce wants to create a whole new experience of shoes wearing. The original shoe-pads were replaced by numerous strings. The strings would fit the curve of everyone's sole of feet. Colorful and delightful shape and color create a feeling of leisure life.


Bounce Bounce are mainly composed of three parts: a rubber cover, an aluminum frame and an acrylic board. Each element plays an important role to the shoes. Rubber cover provides a soft and elastic feeling to the user. Aluminum frame and acrylic board are responsible to sustain the inward strength from the strings. 


For achieving the goal of bouncing feeling, when choosing the strings, I had surveyed many materials which need to be flexible enough but sustainable for the weight of the human. Finally, I found that the strings used for tennis racket is the best choice for my shoes.


What is the most comfortable and refreshing shoes wearing experience that you have ever experienced? Weave colorful strings on the shoes, then, create a whole new style of the shoes. No matter who wears the shoes, he/ she would probably get a customized experience which would not be experienced by the other. Furthermore, sand and dirt would never gather in the shoes anymore.

Date   April 2008

Designer   En-Chuan, Tsui


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