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"After Turn Off"

People used to everything in life for granted. When we were children, we marveled at the rainbow and excited about touching animals. As we aged, the delights of discovery gradually vanished in real life. We redefine the panel as a passage to lead us to a fantasy world that is already forgotten. After turning off, an imaginary world escapes from the crack, reminding us that life could be better and eco-friendly with a simple change.

Design Feature

User could choose various projecting images according to their preference. Via basic lights and shadow principle, by changing the simple component, people could rediscover the little happiness from daily life.

Change the lighting direction of the panel's original LED, with cutting pattern, the image will jump out of the gap when turning off the light. 

Date    December 2010

Designer  En-Chuan, Tsui / Shao-Lun, Chao / Hung-Jung, Lin

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